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Feeling apprehensive about the authenticity of your Gucci bag? We totally get it! With Gucci being one of the most highly counterfeited luxury brands in the world, it is ever so important to be able to distinguish a genuine Gucci from a knock-off. To help you feel more confident in your purchase, we have compiled a list of key features that you can examine on your Gucci bag.

Point 1: Check the Gucci font

There are a few characteristics of the Gucci font that you should take note of; the letters ‘G’ and ‘C’s on the logo should be circular and almost look like they form an ‘O’ and the left side of the letter ‘U’ is thicker than its right. Always examine all Gucci logos (on interior tags, hardware and dust bags) found on your bag. 


Gucci logo engraved on a metal plaque on a Guccissima tote

Point 2: Check the serial number tag

The serial number tag is one of the first few things that you should examine when authenticating your Gucci bag. The front of the serial number tag should feature the R trademark stamp, the Gucci font and the phrase “made in italy” in all lowercase letters. All these details should be clearly and neatly embossed onto the centre of the leather tag.

On the back of this serial number tag, there should be 10 to 13 digits clearly embossed in two rows; the first row indicating the style of the bag and the last row indicating the supplier code. You should always google the digits on the first row to check that it corresponds to the style of bag that you have. In addition, examine the font used for these digits. Authentic serial numbers feature a font of similar serifs to the Times New Roman font. Do pay attention to the fonts of the digits 2, 3 and 5. The ends of these three digits plump and curl in. 


Front (left) and back (right) of a modern Gucci serial number tag.

However for vintage Gucci bags, the serial number tag would feature only a row of 10 to 13 digits. The font used may also differ from that of modern serial number tags.


Front (left) and back (right) of a vintage Gucci serial number tag.

Point 3: Check the QR code

In addition to the serial number tag, if your bag was produced from 2016 onwards, you should check for the presence of a tag printed with a QR code. Since 2016, Gucci has been using QR codes for authentication purposes. This QR code is encrypted and is not readable via standard QR scanners.


A QR code on a tag found stitched on the interior of an authentic Gucci bag.

Point 4: Check the stitching

Gucci bags should feature neat, clean and precise stitching. There should not be any fraying or loose stitches. 


Gucci stitching on a Marmont Bag

If your bag is crafted of the Gucci canvas, you should also examine the stitching. Authentic Gucci canvas should feature 6 vertical stitches.


Point 4: Check the hardware

Gucci’s hardware will never feel lightweight and cheap. They should also be clearly engraved with the brand logo. 


Engraved hardware seen on the Marmont bag (top left), the Jackie Shoulder bag (top right), the Sylvie bag (bottom left) and the Lady Web shoulder bag (bottom right).

Ultimately, it is crucial to purchase from and sell to a reliable and trusted party when dealing in the secondhand luxury market.


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