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You’ve purchased a brand new or pre-loved Prada handbag but you’re skeptical of its authenticity.

In this article, we have listed a few features that you should look out for when telling a fake Prada handbag from an authentic one!

Point 1: Check the logo

The Prada logo serves as a constant hallmark in the House’s designs. Observing its distinguishing characteristics is crucial: note the notch between the right leg of the letter ‘R’ and the rest of the letter, the ‘A’ with an angled cap extending beyond the top, and the right leg being thicker than the left. However, it’s essential to acknowledge that the Prada logo has evolved over the years, leading to some variations between vintage and current models.



The Prada logo seen on the interior plaque of an authentic Prada bag.


The Prada logo can be found in various places, including the bag’s interior and exterior, hardware (such as zippers and bottom studs), authenticity cards, and dust bags. It’s vital to ensure that all logos, with the exception of those on the Prada fabric lining, exhibit the mentioned characteristics.

Nonetheless, there might be inconsistencies in the logo across different Prada bags. For instance, the triangle plaque may not always feature the notch between the right leg of the letter ‘R’ and the rest of the body. While the logo is an important factor to consider, it shouldn’t be the sole determining element of authenticity. To ascertain the genuineness of your Prada bag, it is advisable to consider a combination of other factors, which will be mentioned below.

Point 2: Check the triangle plaque

For authenticity, ensure the triangle plaque is securely attached, matches the bag’s color, and has rounded corners. It should bear the words “Prada,” “Milano,” and “Dal 1913,” not “Milan.” Combine this with other checks for a reliable assessment of your Prada bag’s authenticity.



A triangle plaque stitched onto the exterior of an authentic pre-loved Prada nylon camouflage tote bag.



Point 3: Check the interior tag or plaque

Inspect the interior for a securely attached rectangular plaque or leather tag. The plaque may bear the Prada logo and the words “MILANO” or “MADE IN ITALY,” or both.



Although slightly different, both interior plaques (above) are authentic.


Alternatively, a leather tag might be present, featuring the brand logo, “Milano,” and “Dal 1913.” Keep in mind that lettering on pre-owned bags may have faded, which is normal. Verifying the interior tag or plaque adds to the overall evaluation of your Prada bag’s authenticity.



A leather tag found stitched onto the interior of an authentic pre-loved Prada handbag.


As always, the above is just a general rule and there are always exceptions.

Point 4: Check the hardware

Authentic Prada handbags boast high-quality hardware with clear and consistent brand engravings, when applicable. The hardware color should also be uniform throughout the handbag, either gold or silver. Keep in mind that when purchasing a pre-owned Prada handbag, some hardware tarnishing is normal.



Authentic handle attachment (left), bottom stud (centre) and zipper (right) should feature clear brand engravings.


Additionally, genuine Prada items often feature zippers from reputable brands such as RIRI or Lampo. While counterfeit zippers may exist, they are usually distinguishable by poorly made or missing engravings. Pay attention to these details to help ensure the authenticity of your Prada bag.



Zippers on authentic Prada bags.



Point 5: Check the top stitching

The top stitching should always be neat, even, and slightly angled. Most counterfeits use a normal straight stitch. Note that even for authentic Prada handbags, the colour of stitching does not always match the body of the bag.


Authentic Prada stitching is slightly angled and consistent.




Point 6: Check the inner lining  

For many of Prada’s handbags, the interior would feature a fabric that is decorated with the Prada logo and the rope chain motif. If not, the interior would be made of genuine leather. 

For the fabric lining, it is important to check that every other line features the Prada logo flipped upside down. For instance, the first Prada logo line should be upright, followed by the rope chain motif and then the Prada logo line flipped upside down. The Prada logos on the fabric lining should not feature an ‘R’ that has a curved notch and an ‘A’ that overhangs as seen in the normal Prada logo. Counterfeiters often get this wrong.



Notice the orientations of the Prada logos on the inner fabric linings (above); it is always upright in one line and then flipped upside down in the next. The font used is not the same as the one used in the regular logo.



Point 7: Check the factory tag

The factory tag can be found stitched onto the interior of a Prada bag. It is a small white tag printed with 1 to 3 numbers in black.



An authentic Prada Factory Tag.




Point 8: Check the packaging

If you are purchasing a brand new Prada handbag with wrapped handles, it is important to ensure that the handles are wrapped in paper and not plastic. Brand new Prada handbags should also come with an authenticity card and a black-coloured cardboard product card. 

The authenticity card should be white and made of plastic. It should feature the Prada logo and the phrases “Authenticity Certificate Card” in Italian and then in English on its front. 



Front (left) and back (right) of an authentic Prada authenticity card.


Ultimately, if it is too good to be true, it probably is. It’s always important to trust your instincts and deal with a reliable luxury dealer. Here at EcoRing Malaysia, our experienced appraisers have dealt with a wide variety of items from various luxury brands. From Prada handbags, to Hermes bag charms, all luxury items are carefully examined before being bought in and sold.




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